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Our customers nearly always want to talk to us before making a final decision: and that’s fine by us. But, if you feel confident by all means click on the individual supplier page to get your quotation or if you prefer to go right ahead, hit ‘BOOK NOW’ below.

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If you prefer, please use the ‘CALL ME’ button on this page and we will call you immediately or during the next working day to talk through your ideas. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can call us on 0844 910 3271* or 01304 898 159 or, even better, email your quotation request to


The first key is knowing that, for at least two of our supplier partners, rental pricing is based on availability. When there are more vehicles available, the price will be cheaper; when there are more vehicles available in a certain category, you may find a larger vehicle is cheaper than a smaller one.

The second key is to that the EARLIER you book, the more availability there will be with all suppliers and hence the cheaper the price will be.

The third key is knowing that, when you call us, you will be given the price for everything - the entire rental time, mileage, insurance, kits, taxes and one-way fees if applicable. We leave nothing to chance.


HOW MANY ARE TRAVELLING? We will discuss the best vehicle choice.
HOW FAR WILL YOU BE DRIVING? We will discuss a possible driving route so we can be pretty accurate on mileage to include.
LIVE ABOARD KITS? These will be included in your rental price unless you say no.
ONE WAY RENTAL? All one-way rentals are on request and cannot be booked on line; the one occasion you MUST call us, and it is really important to BOOK EARLY, is for a one-way. One way fees are between $0 and $750.
FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE? Yes – it will be included and full details will be sent to you in advance.
FEDERAL AND STATE TAX? Everything is subject to state or provincial tax; we will always include it.
THE ONLY THING WE CAN NOT COLLECT IN ADVANCE. The last thing you need to know about it the refundable security deposit which varies per supplier and is payable when you pick up. This is the one thing you cannot prepay. It will be charged to your credit card on pick up day and any extra mileage charges or damages will be charged against this deposit.


Benefit from our unique personalised itinerary planning service by first checking our online TOURBOOK for ideas!

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