'RepLite' - from $16 a day

To match the changing needs of destinations and suppliers in the overseas tourism industries, Worldwide Travel Marketing has introduced RepLite: a minimal cost, minimal commitment program to provide the foothold in the UK and European markets that may previously have been difficult to justify.

Since 9/11 - that ‘first day of the rest of our lives’ in 2001 - the changes impacting the travel industry have been massive. Markets have changed and their suitors' budgets have certainly changed. The way travel products are marketed and distributed has changed; the way travellers make their bookings has changed and the way people fly has changed.The way overseas suppliers’ products reach their UK and European consumers has changed dramatically. So, we too have had to change.

RepLite will cost you just $16 a day. This price includes storage of your materials and their distribution; probably in fulfilment of enquiries generated by the up to two trade and/or consumer press releases a month our agreement also provides. It also gives you a local telephone number - answered during business hours - that, if you wish, can be included in all releases or advertising.

To avoid any confusion, this is not a fully inclusive representation program. We can and do provide those proactive functions such as sales calls, tele sales, reservations offices; operator staff training and attendance at events, but not within RepLite.

Fulfilment costs, such as envelopes and postage, are an extra - pre-approved - charge and will be at true cost. Provided you provide us with newsworthy storeys, releases will go to all trade media as well as all U.K. national and regional newspapers; consumer magazines and freelance travel writers and broadcasters.

This $16 price is linked to a one year contract. It is recognised however that you may not wish to enter into a contract that ties you into an unknown service for so long. You can, therefore, buy just a quick taster of the service or give it a brief trial. A thirteen week 'taster' is offered at $23 a day or a half year 'trial' at $19 a day.

When you find that what we do really works for you, a 'taster' can be converted before its expiry either to a 'trial', or to a one year contract. You’ll find your cost adjusting as if you'd signed up for the longer period in the first place.

A group can be stronger than the sum of its parts. That strength can be gained from joint marketing with others either in your region, or complementing you in your target markets. There are savings of up to 60% where two or more entities have us working for them jointly.

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